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An iPhone is considered as the costliest and expensive mobiles as of now. Every individual wishes to purchase an iPhone as it offers excellent features and specifications to all its users. Apple, the giant software firm has designed, manufactured and launched several iPhones into the smartphone market with outstanding and stunning features on its devices. Till now, Apple has rolled out various iPhones such as iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and much more. Now, the latest buzz is that Apple is currently working on its next generation device namely iPhone 7 soon into the smartphone market.

Apple iPhone 7 is considered as one of the much-anticipated smartphones of the year 2016. All the fans and iPhone adorers have been enthusiastically looking for the next device which the company will be launched and made available to all its users. The iPhone lovers have been eagerly waiting when and how many variants will the company launches this year under the series of iPhone segment.

The Apple iPhone 7 is expected to roll out at its upcomingApple event which is going to be held in the month of September. As the date of Apple event has been approaching all the rumours regarding the price, release date, specifications, design and features of iPhone 7 have been whirling across the social media and other media outlets. IPhone 7 is the current buzz across the social networking sites and all the iPhone adorers. According to some sources, the iPhone 7 may not acquire major design tweaks, apart froma few minor changes.It is obvious that, we can witness few noteworthy changes and that modifications are quite worth a mention.

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming and much-anticipated device of the year, iPhone 7 like the features and specifications, iPhone 7 Price, Release date and all the current latest updates of iPhone 7. We have compiled a detailed set of leaks regarding the design, features and much more about the iPhone 7. Have a look!

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IPhone 7 Specifications

As usual, prior to the official launch of iPhone 7, several media sources and other blogs on the web have commenced spreading the rumours regarding the much-anticipated phone of the year, Apple iPhone 7. All the rumours and speculations about the upcoming device iPhone 7 have been raging the expectations of the iPhone lovers about their look, specifications, features and much more. Every now and then, we have been coming across new details and information about the iPhone 7. Here are some of the expected specifications of the latest upcoming Apple iPhone 7:

Design & Display

The Apple iPhone 7 is likely to be 1mm slenderer than its preceding device, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. As of now, the iPhone 6S is quite slimmer with 7.1mm. If this happens then the latest iPhone 7 may not have a 3.5mm audio jack. However, it is reported that all the features of the iPhone 7 like its height, width, body will remain the same as it previous devices.

Processor – Apple A10 SoC

Apple, the giant software firm rolls out a new and unique custom-designed SoC processor every year. Likewise every year, this year, the company is anticipated to bring a new SoC namely Apple A10. After certain experiments, it has been proved that the upcoming A10 processor’s performance is 18% higher than the current A9 processor used on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S.


According to the latest updates and expectations, the Apple iPhone 7 is likely to offer a 3GB of RAM. The company has enhanced the size of RAM in order to support the dual camera arrangement on its latest iPhone 7.

Storage Variants – Two or Three

Apple has tipped that this year, it will be launching iPhone 7 in three storage variants such as iPhone 7, iPhone 7S and iPhone 7 Pro/ Plus/ Premium. But, later it has been reported that the company will be launching only two storage variants such as iPhone 7 and iPhone 7S. For the latest upcoming iPhone 7, the company will be replacing the 16GB storage variant with a 32GB variant. Apparently, the company is also planning to launch iPhone 7 with a massive storage variant of 256GB which is considered as a top Storage variant of the device. The new iPhone 7 will be available in three storage variants such as 32GB, 64GB, and 256GB storage variants.

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Dual Camera

According to the latest updates and rumours, Apple is anticipated to setup a dual camera sticking on to a single camera lens. This is for the first time that Apple experiments on rolling out dual camera feature to its Apple iPhone 7. Apple claims that with the new setup, the images captured using the iPhone 7 will be far better compared to its predecessors in terms of performance, colour and autofocus features. The latest image of iPhone 7 that was leaked early in the month of July witnessed that there was a rear panel with ahuge single camera lens which was surrounded by a defensive circle.


According to some sources, the Apple iPhone 7 will be available in two variant colours such as deep blue and space black colour variant. The company has announced that like its iPhone 6S, the iPhone 7 device will be rolled out in 4 similar colour variants.

Larger battery

As per the recent rumour and hint by the company, the iPhone 7 will be sporting a 1960mAh battery. This indicates that the company has enhanced the battery power of the latest iPhone 7 and upgraded it from a 1715mAh battery on its iPhone 6S. In a bid to enhance the battery life and make the device run faster with a new A10 processor, the company has designed this iPhone 7 with a larger battery.


Here are the expectations of the latest upcoming Apple iPhone 7 device variants:

  • 32GB variant – CNY 5,288 (Approximately Rs. 52,900)
  • 64GB variant – CNY 6,088 (Approximately Rs. 60,900)
  • 256GB variant – CNY 7,088 (Approximately Rs. 70,900)
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iPhone 7 Release Date

As per the latest updates and information, Apple might reportedly launch its iPhone 7 in the 2nd week of September i.e., on 07th September, 2016. Usually, every year, Apple organizes a prestigious WWDC event in the month of September. It is expected that likewise every year, this year, the company will be launching Apple iPhone 7 in September.


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